Sunnie Boland
Case Manager / Investigato

I have had many personal experiences, some of them strange, & many just unexplainable.   I always wanted an explanation, wanted to know why or how this could be happening.  This has turned into a passion, a desire to learn more. I began studying and researching through books, classes, tours, and investigated on my own and with other groups for the past 7 years.  As time went on I felt I needed more, so I decided to join people who felt and shared in the same ideas as I did. That is why we decided to form 'Into The NIGHT Paranormal'.   Since starting the group, I hold the position of Case Manager.  I have had many great experiences, have a better understanding of the paranormal and get the opportunity to meet and help people who might be in the same situation, which is what I truly love.


Todd Boreham
Lead Investigator/ Treasurer

I have been a member of Into The Night Paranormal since its inception in April 2010. I have been actively investigating since October 2007. I have been interested in the paranormal world since I was a kid. After watching Ghost Hunters on TV, I thought it would be fun and interesting to do something like that. After being a member of a local area group for 15 months, I decided to co-create the group Into The Night Paranormal with some friends.

I was an average student because I never applied myself (which is true). My high school guidance counselor said I would never amount to anything. But look at me now! I chase invisible things that may or may not be there in the dark in a strangers house until 5 a.m. instead of getting much needed sleep. And I don't get paid for it. Ha! And they said I would never amount to...oh crap. Well, at least I married a great woman that keeps me in line. Even though Jill leaves all of the lights on in the house when I am out investigating and buys purses and shoes because they're cute, I know I couldn't have done better. So at least I have that going for me.  Stupid guidance counselor

-----------------------------------------TEAM MEMBERS-----------------------------------------------

Tracy Musick

 I have been interested in the paranormal since I was a kid. I grew up in Justice, so the stories were always being told of Resurrection Mary, Maple Woods, the Monks at the Old Sag Church and many more. When the shows on TV started I became a faithful watcher, hoping to one day go on investigations my self. The day came when I met a friend that had the same interests in the paranormal as I did, and introduced me to more people that shared my interest. I went on my first investigation and became hooked. I will continually be on the search to validate all of my opinions and beliefs and have fun in the meantime. Happy Ghost Hunting everyone!


Alison C.

Growing up I have always been fascinated reading about the supernatural. Over the past few years, after becoming friends with my neighbor Sunnie Boland, did I realize that someone else shared the same zest for exploring the paranormal. After attending a few tours and investigations, I decided to join the group to learn more and understand the unknown.


David Boland
Investigator/Equipment Technician

 Well, what can I say; I married a woman who formed a group that chases after ghosts, what more IS there to say! -- I'd Never seen or heard a ghost before; that was until after she showed me proof through her EVP's {electronic voice phenomena} & Photos that they did Actually Exist!  I was totally Amazed with her findings.  Some of the stuff that Sunnie has experienced just blows my mind.  I've always been somewhat intrigued with the paranormal; one of my favorite movies was "Sixth Sense".  I enjoy watching shows that deal with the dead (not horror) such as 'Medium', 'Ghost Whisper', 'Crossing Over with John Edwards', & 'Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead' just to name a few.  I myself have yet to personally encounter a spirit, ghost, apparition or whatever name you want to call it, but that's the Great thing about being involved with a group like "Into The NIGHT Paranormal", they go out on investigations to explore the unexplained.



     I have had personal experiences with the paranormal my entire life, and have read endlessly about various subjects such as cryptids, oddities in the natural world, fringe sciences, and greatly enjoyed my courses in abnormal psychology and neurophysiology while I was an undergraduate.  I have a "need to know" or "need to understand" some of these experiences that fall outside our current understanding of how things work.  After several years in law enforcement, and just because of my personality, I tend to look for the natural or most likely explanation for an experience.  However I keep running in to experiences that cannot be explained through conventional means.  I hope to be able to document and share these experiences with others.  I am glad to be involved now in I.T.N.P, a group of people who are doing the same and am truly impressed by their work.




Tina Marroquin

I'm a believer in all things spiritual, who is also a skeptic.  I see, feel and know things beyond explanation.  I'm shy about these facts. I hope for a positive and enlightening journey with Into The Night Paranormal.  I want to learn more about myself and how to use my gifts to help those here and those that linger in the shadows.  I'm really excited about the research and findings.  Thanks to the team for having me!



Tyler Krawczyk - Bio Coming Soon!

Joe Boyd  

My name is Joe Boyd. I have been fascinated by all things paranormal ever since my mom started telling me stories about her scary experiences in the haunted house she grew up in. Because of my strong interest in the field, Tyler Krawczyk and I founded Expedition Apparition Paranormal and have joined ITNP. Our goal was and still is to film paranormal activity at haunted location's in order to prove to people that ghosts do exist. My strongest interests are photography and the scientific aspects of the paranormal.
I love collecting and learning about the latest equipment that we use on our expeditions

Expedition apparition

   Psychic Consultant

Jorianne the Coffee Psychic is a nationally known Chicago psychic and also a trans-medium for Over the last 30 years.
Jorianne's psychic talents began to surface when she was a young child of seven, after incurring a head injury. She lived in a haunted house in Burbank, Illinois, where there were so many paranormal occurrences (such as visions and appliances being inexplicably turned on and off) experienced by her family that they finally conceded defeat and named their resident ghost "Sparky".
Not only was Jorianne able to "sense" many out-of-the-ordinary things, but at the age of 21, while cleaning the house one morning, she was visited by three beautiful nurturing spirits who foretold what was to come that afternoon. They kept saying, That's right, that's right, clean up the house for the funeral tonight. I heard the voices three times, once each consecutive hour, and that afternoon my Mother died suddenly, she remembers. "That experience left me with feelings of confusion over what I had experienced and why. I decided to investigate the paranormal to find out why I could hear and see things that others could not and what to do with this gift."

Marcia Mack - 
Guest Investigator - Video Specialist

 I was born in Chicago and I currently live in the Chicago land area. I have been an avid paranormal investigator for most of my adult life. My interest in the paranormal began when I was a young child having experienced the paranormal first hand. My background is in film, I graduated from Columbia College in Chicago. I have a passion for experimenting with different types of ghost hunting equipment, although my best friend in the field is my video camera...I don't go anywhere without her. I am a wife and mother who fits in my investigations between baseball games and PTA meetings. I am very committed to this field and to my group, and my main focus on an investigation is to try to get as much evidence as I can. You can check out some of my video/evidence clips on YouTube, my user name is USGREEKCHICK.




                                            Guest Investigator

I was born in Chicago,Illinois but was raised in San Francisco Bay area of California. Surrounded by cemeteries, I found myself drawn to them and spending hours marveling at the tombstones, names, and dates of the deceased wondering about their life stories and pondering questions and curiosities toward the paranormal and it was my little escape from reality. To this very day I visit cemeteries photographing points of interest and things out of the everyday norm that carry my imagination and interests to a whole other level.

I had paranormal experiences as a teenager and young adult that sprung questions for which to this day are still unanswered. It wasn't until one of my experiences happened to a group I was with that I realized it wasn't "in my head" as those I confided in kept telling me. That opened the door for conversations and validation I so desperately needed. Being a part of the paranormal community is like having an extended family, crazy uncle included. I love every minute of it. 



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